Image is a person’s total perception of you. Image involves how well we look and how we handle ourselves. Image also involves qualities like confidence and self-esteem. Whether we like it or not, the main message we send to others about ourselves is a direct reflection of the initial image we portray. You should never leave home unless you are certain that your image reflects what you want to project.

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make sure it speaks well about you!

Image Management Services

Dressing Image

It is a fact of life that dressing inappropriately can seriously hold back a career and/or harm social life.

Dressing appropriately only seems difficult if you don’t have a roadmap to get where you want to go. By following Magoe’s suggestions that consistently work over and over for everyone who applies the information, you will be able to save lots of valuable time in selecting, coordinating and buying the clothes you need to build your wardrobe.

Through one-on-one consulting, Magoe will help you build upon your existing wardrobe, or create a new one, to give you a variety of choices for any event year-round. She will teach you lifelong skills to help you choose clothing that best fit your body type, lifestyle and budget.

Let Magoe help you build a wardrobe to look your best for any occasion! You will learn how to build an appropriate, timeless 365 day wardrobe with the essential items everyone should have in their closet – no matter what your financial status is. Learn how to organize your closet, create many new looks from the clothes you already own, and shop smart. You will learn to dress well so you project the image of someone who is confident and decisive.

Details & Pricing

Personal Wardrobe Evaluation and Complete Closet Audit (2 1/2 hours)

Clean and organize closet, create new looks from existing clothes owned, give written closet assessment and recommendations on how to build 365 day functional wardrobe.

Dressing Image

Dress Codes for Engagements


• Men: Black tuxedo, cuff links, silk socks, patent leather shoes (leather lace-ups), cummerbund, white shirt with French cuffs (preferably studs for buttons down front)

Men, if you don’t have tuxedo, wear a wonderful dark suit and white shirt and a dark tie

• Women: Long or short dressy dress, small evening purse or clutch, satin shoes, neutral hose, minimum jewelry


• Men: Suit in dark color, white shirt, dark tie, belt and socks, black leather shoes

• Women: Short dress (one inch/2.5 cm. above or below the knee), stylish suit or dressy pants often in black, heels, clutch or small evening bag, minimum jewelry


Dress attire depends on where you live. Here are some suggestions:

• Men: Less formal unmatched sport coat and pant, with or without a tie. Includes suits worn with dressy sport shirts or fine-gauge knits and tailored separates, such as dress trousers, dressy collared sport shirts that do not require a tie, fine knit shirts and sweaters, as well as sport coats.

• Women: Dress or pants and nice sweater or blouse that are more relaxed, dressier at night than day


• Dress comfortably…Not too dressy, not too sloppy and definitely not business attire!


• Wear simple, comfortable clothes but in fun fabrics, patterns or colors.

Whatever you do think style, think fabulous, and think comfort!

Social Skills

Social Skills

The manner in which you handle yourself, from body language to the way you interact with others in any social or business setting, speaks volumes about you. Making an entrance, the way you carry yourself, handshakes, eye contact, facial expressions and how much space you take up all communicate a message. Learn how to look confident, composed and self-assured. Make sure that you send a positive message.

Presentation Skills
If you want to succeed in today’s highly competitive business environment, there are essential skills one must possess. Learn presentation skills necessary for speaking before an audience, including overcoming nervousness when speaking, preparing and organizing ideas in logical sequence, keeping the audience interested, and answering and handling questions to make a positive impact.

Dining and Table Etiquette
No longer be nervous about being invited to a formal dining event because you don’t know proper dining etiquette and desire to make a favorable impression. Take the guesswork out of knowing what dining etiquette is acceptable. You will learn the proper dining essentials and table manners that will benefit you for a lifetime!

Details & Pricing

All Social Image programs are expressly tailored to each client’s individual needs, personal style and budget.

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Have Fun Shopping with Magoe!

Learn how to shop and make complete outfits, including accessorizing to accentuate your positive attributes. Have fun shopping while learning new techniques that will help you shop smarter, save you time, help you look stylish, and prevent you from purchasing costly mistakes. Discover how to develop an eye for quality to create your own signature look that is classic and timeless, but most importantly, tasteful.

Shopping can be done alone or with a small group for birthday, holiday or appreciation gifts, or just because… Tours will be customized to fit your needs and your enjoyment. Shopping can be done at both high end and bargain stores for great clothes and accessories.

Enhance your presence, and improve your professional demeanor and appearance. Establish a pulled-together and more confident look to increase your credibility and appearance. Get noticed!

Details & Pricing

Full-Day with Closet Organization and Shopping Trip

Clean and organize closet, create new looks from existing clothes owned, give written closet assessment and recommendations on how to build 365 day functional wardrobe.

Magoe will then accompany you to your clothing store of choice, and will help you fill in missing clothing items and accessories to complete your individual style.

Shopping With Magoe

Reclaim Your Company’s Image

For Companies

Fail-Proof Dressing for Job Interview


1. Structured classic matching dress or skirt suit or tailored pantsuits in neutral colors.

2. Neutral hosiery.

3. Keep jewelry to a minimum. Small to medium in size.

4. Simple style pumps with medium heel. Keep clean, well polished and heeled.

5. Neat and tidy hair style. No dramatic coloring.

6. Structured medium size leather handbag in basic color.

7. Keep makeup and grooming simple and natural looking.

8. Clean buffed fingernails or fingernail polish nails with no chipped polish.

9. Go easy on perfume.

10. Stand up straight… Have good posture, firm handshake, and make eye contact.


1. Basic navy or charcoal suit.

2. White or blue starched cotton dress shirt.

3. 100% silk tie to compliment suit. No outlandish or flamboyant styles or colors and no creative patterns.

4. Socks must match the color of the pants.

5. Leather belt to match shoes.

6. Lace up or dress slip-on leather shoe well polished in brown or black.

7. Nicely trimmed haircut.

8. Watch with understated elegance.

9. Good quality leather briefcase. No backpacks or body purses.

10. Hint of cologne.

11. Clean trimmed nails.

12. Good posture, firm handshake, and make eye contact.

It’s a fact that many employees possess the knowledge to do their jobs, but their dressing, social and dining image needs refinement. They do not represent the image that the company desires.

Employers want to practice diversity in the workplace and give employees options, but the boundaries are not specified. The lack of guidelines lead to some employees own interpretation of image standards in the workplace that are inconsistent with those of the employer. Employers struggle with these tough issues and have no solutions to resolve these sensitive areas of concern. This is where Magoe’s years of experience straight from the “front lines” can be invaluable. Expect a turnaround and reclaim your company’s image!

Details & Pricing

All company image management services will be customized to fit individual needs and desired outcomes. Programs can be conducted for Managers and/or Employees.

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