Image Consulting Services for Tweens 

TWEENS – What is Going On?

Many parents who have/are raising tweens (youth ages 10-12) are torn between pride at how their little girls are blossoming and migraines over how to teach them about the message they are sending.

As a female tween’s taste in clothes develops, they’ll begin to voice their views on what they want to wear. This age group is so opinionated, and this is when mother-daughter battles over how to dress begin.

Pre-teen girls who are heavily influenced by social media, the magazines they read, the shows and movies they see, and the merchandise before them, are into dressing older and sexier. How do you buy clothes for this age group that’s stylish, but not provocative? As you have discovered, there are few stores that cater to this age group, and shopping can become a nightmare because they want to buy clothes that “everyone else has.”

Portraying a positive image is not all about dressing…

In the age of TikTok videos, text messaging, talking in code and slang, most adults have difficulty holding a basic conversation with today’s youth. These styles of communication are practiced and are mostly acceptable amongst family and friends. However, proper communication skills are necessary and count most when looking for a job.

Imagine what your tween would be like if they were guided step-by-step on how to become a good communicator.

You have finally come to the right place. Magoe knows exactly where you are right now and still caters to clients that are Tweens. You no longer need to worry about your pre-teen looking and dressing in outfits that are too provocative or too grown up for them. They will receive proper guidance and self-education to help them select clothes that are “age” appropriate.

Services for Tweens

Transformation for Tweens

This is a very delicate and difficult stage in life, and they have extremely fragile self-confidence; the opinions of friends matter so much. Tweens will learn essential grooming habits, and how to properly dress “age appropriate” to help them look their best! Tips on applying makeup to achieve a natural look for girls can be included upon request.

*Services can be individual or taught in a group setting. The program can also be customized to include dressing, social, and dining image upon request.

Social and Dining Etiquette

Every young person has the potential to become a good communicator. However potential needs to be developed. Youth will learn how to enhance their meet and greet, speaking, and dining etiquette skills to overcome nervousness no matter when they are in a social setting.

Providing wardrobe redesign, image consulting, and etiquette services for professional and discerning consumers.