"Your Image is the total perception of you. It consist of how well you look , behave and speak."

– Magoe Johnson

Your Image. Your Success.

Image is a person’s total perception of you. It is more than just dressing with style. Image runs deep and includes verbal and non-verbal communication. With respect to appearance, image involves how well we look and qualities like confidence and self-esteem. Whether we like it or not, the main message we send to others about ourselves is a direct reflection of the initial image we portray. You should never leave home unless you are certain that your image reflects what you want to project. The reality is that people form opinions quickly based on how we look or the way we conduct ourselves. When you feel good about your image, that feeling comes across to others. Your image talks to you and to others. Make sure it says, “Here is a person who has self-respect. I am important, so treat me that way.” You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make sure it speaks well about you. And, as I always say: Let Your Image Make The Statement!

 Consider the following questions about how you feel about your image:

  • Is your image holding you back rather than propelling you forward?
  • Would you like to look good and feel better about your appearance?
  • Do you cringe each time you have to open your closet to find something to wear?
  • Are you not sure of how to effectively, meet and converse with others with ease at social gatherings or business events?
  • Do you get nervous about being at a dinner table because you don’t know if your dining and table manners will make a favorable impression?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, now is the time to design a powerful image that matches the strength and intelligence that lies within…

The way you dress, communicate, socialize and dine, all play a very important role in establishing how well others perceive you. Many individuals ruin their image by not knowing the secrets of success in promoting the brand called YOU, Inc.

Do not put this off for another moment…

Image Management Services for Men & Women

Dressing Consulting

Magoe believes that “image” is not just about the way you dress or wear your hair. Image is the total perception of you. Magoe works with her clients to develop the complete image. All sessions are tailored to each client’s individual needs, personal style and budget.

Social Etiquette Skills

The manner in which you handle yourself, from body language to the way you interact with others in any business situation, speaks volumes about you. Enhance your communication skills and learn how to always present like a pro with ease. Making an entrance, the way you carry yourself, handshakes, eye contact, facial expressions, and how much space you take up all communicate a message. Learn how to look confident, composed, and self-assured. Your body language will work for or against you, so make it an asset.

Dining Consulting

Do you get nervous about being at a dinner table because you don’t know if your dining and table manners will make a favorable impression?

First encounters will frequently involve a meal. Proper table manners are a crucial part of making a positive first impression. Whether you are having lunch with a business client or a formal or casual dinner, your table manners are important. Take the guesswork out of knowing what dining etiquette is acceptable. Learn the proper dining essentials and table manners that will benefit you for a lifetime!

Providing wardrobe redesign, image consulting, and etiquette services for professional and discerning consumers.